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Rehearsals handle emergency situations on board MV 19 oil FPSO

On 20th March, Modec Management Company held a rehearsal handle emergency situations on board MV 19 oil-FPSO (located on the Song Doc mine, 350km off the coast of Vung Tau). Join rehearsals with corporations and exploration of oil and gas extraction Vietnam (PVEP), South Helicopter Company (VNHS), Corporation CP drilling services and drilling (PV Drilling) International Co., Ltd. SOSViet 52 years and especially the officers, sailors on board MV 19 FPSO rehearsal process under the supervision of the Integrated Safety Solutions Pte Ltd (ISS).


 Đội cứu hỏa diễn tập chữa cháy trên tàu FPSO MV 19 trên vùng mỏ Sông Đốc.

Fire brigade fire drills on board MV 19 FPSO Song Doc in the mines.

During rehearsals, the members joined handle situations broken pipelines, oil spills into the sea, anchor rope breaks, oil tankers collided, employees are working in the pumping chamber wounded.
Mr. David Anthony Gleave, Director of Modec Management Company in Vietnam, said drill handle emergency situations on board an oil reservoir in the safe operation of the Company held annually Modec Management and practice weekly oil storage vessels. In addition, each year, the company will develop and implement a plan for a safe and healthy environment for all companies, especially oil storage vessels at sea; test and evaluation of accidents and emergency situations during operations; periodically check all lifesaving equipment, fire, lifting equipment and high pressure equipment ... Many years ago the ship's oil Modec Management Company has mining operations and good oil storage vessels for contractors, not for incident and accident.

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